If you want to ensure a bright  future for your family, your community,
your country, and the world:
The time to truly educate our youth – and ourselves – is now.

Word educare means to nourish, to bring up.
The word educere means to lead froth, to draw out. 

Nelson Mandela

We have programs that are designed for:

  • youth only (including teachers and staff at schools if applicable)
  • youth and parents/adults (including teachers and staff at schools if applicable)
  • parents/adults only

We focus on the 5 Cs: 

  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Conflict resolution

to encourage integrity, honesty, resilience, leadership of self, self confidence, collaboration, and team building.  
These are the skills that companies and countries are looking for:  the soft skills that ensure open-mindedness to possible challenges and a commitment to all human beings.

We have 2 main programs for educational institutions that focus on those skills, characteristics, and features.

We work with the students, the faculty, the parents, and all staff (all stakeholders) to ensure all participants in this process LEAP together to ensure a bright future for all.

Contact us TODAY to talk about YOUR school or school district and how we can help.

We have 1 program that focused specifically on the adults/parent. You do not have to be a parent to participate as this program is designed for all those who realize the that we as adults need to advance our own understanding and openness towards the talents the youth have and what that may bring to our world today and tomorrow.

Contact us TODAY to talk about YOUR desire, your parent group, your personal development group, and more to discuss how we can help you understand the youth better and see how you can support them for the best of humanity.

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